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I have a 1943 stil zinc penny, 1944,1952,1949,1958,1953,1956,1917,1948,1956,1941,1956.If you think you are holding a 1943 copper cent, you should have it evaluated by a third-party coin grading service to check for its authenticity.If you want to post a pic here, we would be glad to assist and give a better idea as to possible value.

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In your opinion, do you think there is a great difference in quality between the ones that are mass.

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Find More Non-currency Coins Information about Good Price Bitcoin BTC Medal Copper Plated Steel Core Copy Coin Souvenir Metal Craft Coins Dia 40mm,High Quality dia.It is safe say they may just be among the most popular Lincoln cent rarities known today.A real US Nickel with a steel plate inside so it will be attracted to a.I have a five, ten, two and a one that have the date 1776 and is signed by different people.The process covers a steel core with alternating layers of metals,. offers steel core ammo 223 rounds and so much more.Of course, there are error coins and rare varieties that are worth more, and these can be sometimes difficult to spot.I am starting out with my coin collection, my family members usually give me any coins for Christmas or as a gift.Real Steel World Robot Boxing Hack Cheat Unlimited Gold and Coins.A Philadelphia 1943 steel cent in typical circulated grades is worth around 10 to 25 cents.

If a 1943 Lincoln cent is authentically copper, it does not matter the mintmark (or lack thereof).A list of rare pennies you should hold onto. 1943 steel penny, 1943 silver penny, 1943. The U.S. was making pennies with a zinc core in 1982 — the first year.

This might be harder to smash, since the steel core would be much harder than zinc or copper.In either case, the coin would actually have no increased value.The Steel Core Quarter stands up to rigorous spectator inspection. If you own the Raven then you definitely need to have this coin.Martinka Steel Core Nickel. Steel Core US Nickel coin for Magic Tricks with Magnets.How To Hack Real Steel World Robot Boxing Unlimited Coins And.

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Multi-Ply Plated Steel for U.S. Coins. electroplated layers of nickel and copper to an inexpensive steel core to create circulating coins that are both.Other than that it looks real and I have looked closely under a magnifing glass.I have a ton of pennies n ole coins that I have know clue what they are worth.

SD if its looks like this one it is not rust,,,,,the grey you see on this coin smears but does not come off easily but underneath is what appears to be copper,,also this coin could be bent with your fingers as the metal is very soft,,,,and it is certainly not corroded,,.Authentic 1943 copper pennies have drastically increased in value over.ApproachChina Magic Supplies Morgan Dollar Coin Vintage Version Steel Core - You will get 1 x Steel Core Morgan Coin Description An absolutely beautiful replica of a.The best way to determine what this coin is would be to weight it.

The only way your steel cent is worth more is if it has no signs of wear and is thus in brilliant mint condition.Steel Core Coin English Penny by Tango Magic This is a great accessory to use with any magnet.One would be the weight (one must weigh around 3.11 grams, plus or minus a few hundreths of a gram), and the coin must have not been manipulated.

We would also need to know its weight (it should be 3.11 grams), check for any signs of date alteration (commonly, 1948 Lincoln cents are altered to render the appearance of a 1943 copper piece), and would need to check for other diagnostics.

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Your 1943 Lincoln cent appears bronze and does NOT stick to a magnet.It should come in at 3.11 grams, give or take a few hundredths.